Take your protection into your own hands
According to the conclusions of the World Health Organization (WHO), the intensity of infection with viral infections transmitted by aerosol and the severity of the course of the disease directly depends on the number of pathogens that enter the human mucous membrane.

The antipathogenic agent "SANATSIA+Anticovid" has a high level of antimicrobial and antiviral activity in "in vivo" experiments. Reduction of insemination of mucous membranes after using the product by 40-85 times
According to the results of the research carried out by the state institution "Institute of Public Health named after O. M. Marzeev", with the participation of volunteers, "Antipathogenic agent "SANATSIA+Anticovid" was recognized as highly effective and recommended for use, both for protection against human infection and for relief of the condition of already sick people.
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