Medical product "Antipathogenic remedy "SANATSIA+Anticovid"" - for those who do not want and cannot get sick
The tool was developed on the platform of the phenomenon recognized by the world scientific community regarding the properties of the active substance HOCL, which is perceived by the immune system of the human body "as its own", helping the immune system in the fight against pathogens: «hypochlorous acid (HOCl), containing a highly active oxidizing group, hypochlorite ion, is formed in the body and is the main protective component of the immune system against bacteria and viruses»

Israeli scientists in the process of researching the HOCL molecule created a new product, which is registered in Ukraine as an anti-pathogenic agent
"Sanitization + Anticovid".
The tool is metastable and super powerful and has an ORP>1000 units. According to research, pathogens, including the causative agents of coronavirus infections, are destroyed at the required 490 ORP units.
The drug has no toxic effect on humans.

Its composition:

Ukrainian researchers from the state institution "O.M. Marzeev Institute of Public Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" in the course of scientific research, toxicological examinations and tests confirmed the high efficiency and versatility of the anti-pathogenic agent "Sanation + Anticovid" in the fight against pathogens.

All documents related to research and application of the tool are publicly available in the "Documents" section.
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